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A Little, But Not A Lot


SmallFry is an Amsterdam based urban artist who has quickly developed a strong international following for his beautiful, sometimes funny, and poignant graffiti / street art. His aim has always been to create simple and stunning imagery, but with a sense of meaning and purpose.


With each series, there is always a back story; a funny or provocative title, a serious undertone, and an explanation as to why the piece was envisioned in the first place. The majority of his work sells in Italy, Switzerland, and France. He's not sure why.


10% of all profit from SmallFry's art goes equally to 'The Orangutan Project', 'The International Rhino Foundation', 'Save The Elephants' and 'The Wildlife Conservation Network' (for Snow Leopards).

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I Was Here, You’re As Much To Blame As They Are



When ‘I Was Here’, the iconic graffiti text, is sprayed onto an endangered animal, it takes on a very different meaning. If we sit around allowing animals to be slaughtered to extinction, then we are as much to blame as those who pull the trigger or those who trade in it.


If I Change The Way I Look, Will You Love Me?


A sarcastic look at how shallow western society has become. Although what matters is on the inside, we value only what is on the outside.



All works are printed on the finest art Hahnemühle paper - German Etching Stock 308 gsm.

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