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Remember, Without Us You Are Nothing

Remember, Without Us You Are Nothing

The artist writes 'Dr Anna Lee Fischer was the first mother in space, and I have always found the wonder in her eyes captivating. I appreciate that I'm not the smartest cookie or know all the facts, but I can't help feeling that giving humans the belief that we can terraform Mars, gives us permission to ruin the earth. I believe need to understand that this is it, there are no second chances, there isn't somewhere else for us to live. And then, of course, the animals. What is any kind of life without animals, and do we just leave them here to suffer our shortcomings.'


    It forms part of a limited edition totaling just 40!

    Measuring 40cm x 30cm and is printed on Hahnemühle - German Etching Stock 308gsm Fine Art paper.

    Signed, numbered, and with the artist's ID fingerprint on the reverse side.

    This artwork is presented in perfect condition, having never been framed.

    The artwork will be extremely well packed in a sturdy postal tube.

    The artwork is sold without a frame.

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